Vacation Camp Registration Forms

Your child does not have to be enrolled in our school age program to come to our vacation camps.  We accept children from other school districts for vacation camps.

If your child does not normally attend our program, please complete the back side of the vacation camp registration form and the child in child care medical statement prior to attending a vacation camp.  For more information, please call Mary, the SACC Coordinator, at 315-557-2341. 

School Age Child Care (SACC)

Hours of Operation

Morning Care      7:30AM-8:50AM

After Care           2:50PM-5:45PM

We offer flexible enrollment- M-F, M/W/F or T/Th

Vacation Camps

When the Clinton Elementary school is closed, the CELC offers child care.  Full day care is $35, half day care is $20.  Children can participate in games, outdoor fun, art and more when they come to vacation camp!

Field Trips

The children in the school age program go on various field trips throughout the year.  Field trips are offered on full days only.  The cost of a field trip day is $40.  

Some of the places we visit are the Utica Zoo, The Wild, and The Kirkland Town Park.


During our summer program the children take swimming lessons and enjoy free swim at the Skenandoa Golf & Country Club.

How to Register

Go to our Registration Information page and download the SACC enrollment forms.  Call us 315-557-2341 for more information!

Vacation Camps

What We Offer

The CELC School Age Program offers care during Superintendent Conference Days and most holidays when the CCS is closed.  For a complete list of vacation camps, please go to the Calendar or refer to your Parent Handbook.

Who Can Attend?

On the days that the Clinton Elementary School has half days, all elementary school students are welcome to attend our program.  We will need your child's most recent physical, immunization records and and the written medication consent form completed if your child has allergies/needs medication while in our care.

On the days we offer full day vacation camps, anyone from surrounding school districts can attend.  You will need to complete all of the forms found under SACC Registration Materials and the appropriate permission slips above.

How Much Does It Cost?

Half Day Care      $20

Full Day Care       $35

Field Trip Days     $40